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HELLO KYBERNAUT,remember that there is no respite in techno-wilderness.

i like tracking ghosts. i like to follow them, and to record them. You have this idea — ostalgie — or ostalgia, former East Germans holding on to a country that doesn't exist anymore. You have... karōshi, 過労死, however you want to say it. People work themselves to death. The butterfly rash of someone with lupus. You have... so much more. So many ghosts.

Tracing ghosts is hard work when there's no footprints. Not even a centimeter of a depression they leave when they walk on snow. No warmth, no foggy breath. Looking straight at thermodynamic impossibilities is sure to make me go insane, just like looking into an eclipse with no sunglasses. The way you see them on thermal goggles, is that they're colder than everything else around them. Like this:

crap... did it not capture right? This kind of stuff always happens. They don't want you to look at them too close too long.

You know, when the '56 Cincinnati massacre happened I couldn't go to the Tri State Area for at least a month because my camera lens would always freeze over and break apart into a million little pieces. Eventually ghosts forget who or what they were when they were alive. The majority of them go back to the big primordial soup. But they always love a good spectacle. They get there before all the news stations do

It's my life's work. When I was little I didn't want to be anything, but now I'm grown and I wake up with tasks that need completion. That's worth something, I guess.

Whereever you are, whoever you are, kybernaut, I hope you are doing well. I hope theres something comfrting in being at the end of history.