The bowerbird (pictured above) is a species famous for its males' tendency to create elaborate nests as a courtship ritual, using all sorts of colorful paraphernalia as decoration.

Sometimes my shorter blog post ramblings will outgrow themselves and I will be forced to relegate them into slightly more official positions, that of being entries in a haphazard list called the bird nest.


  1. Day 2 of PL - (22/12/2023)
  2. What it takes to learn a language - (?/12/2023)

Tech, CS, Math

  1. My experience with installing/configuring mpd and ncmpcpp, a CLI music player - (29/12/2022)

About Chouette (my character)

  1. Attempting to summarize Chouette's existence and essence - (05/01/2023)
  2. A compendium of Chouette (my character) and accompanying quotes from medical drama novels about Ebola - (20/11/2022)

More to come...