I went and still go by many names online, but you can call me Imya, which means forest in Korean and, incidentally, name in Russian. I am a student studying computer science in the US.

My interests are mainly operating systems and software that helps you learn. Outside of computer science, I like reading, making digital paintings, and attempting to study languages.

Currently reading:

I think my throughline is that I prefer relative simplicity and learning things from the bottom-up, without much abstraction. (This is partly what drew me to the UNIX philosophy.) In turn, I tend to shy away from what I percieve as arbitrariness and maximalism.


Email: threetrees (at) disroot (dot) org | PGP key | What is PGP?

XMPP: same as email :)

Discord: unreciever


Here are applications/programs I have used and enjoyed. Most of these I still actively use. Unless otherwise specified, each works well on both MacOS and Linux. All are actively maintained, free, and open-source.